UPASNA’s Scholar Development Committee (USDC)


UPASNA initiated a unique and proactive program in 2014 in order to not only recognizing and rewarding young students of Indian origin in the U. S. by not only offering them scholarships but also developing their potentials and capabilities for becoming scholars at earlier stages of secondary schooling. We realized that it is important to identify and promote talents among our children at an early age as they are complete elementary education so that they become successful and productive citizens.

Current Scholarship/s

  • Manju & Pradeep Kumar MD. Scholarship
  • The Baij Nath Gupta Scholar Award

Past Recipient’s


Anusha Paul was the recipient of “The Baij Nath Gupta Scholar Award”, presented by Sh. Baij Nath Gupta’s son a prominent Dallas businessman Sh. Satish Gupta at UPASNA Day 2017. The scholarship includes access to UPASNA scholar development committee, certificate of achievement and amount for $4000.00.

Anusha is a proud Texas resident, went to School for the Talented and Gifted and plans to join The University of Texas at Austin. She had plans to major in Computer Science. She has been very active in community and had volunteered for several causes.

We wish her all the success in her future endeavor.

Available scholarships.


The Baij Nath Gupta Scholar Award

UPASNA’s scholar development program consists of the following stages:

Recognize Talents Early On: Identify brilliance and talents among children by the time they are about 10 years old through competitive testing and searching for distinguished ability for excellence in reading, writing, mathematics, arts, and general knowledge.

Emphasize Encouragement to Excel: With involvement of parents, arrange meetings and advisement for promoting distinguished qualities in our children enrolled in middle and high schools. For example, children must realize that mediocrity in performance WILL NOT help in the long run; criteria for excellence CAN BE identified and accomplished; opportunities for excellence, such as involvement in extra-curricular activities, CAN BE found; and distinctions in grades and required tests (for example SAT & ACT) CAN BE achieved. Skills for becoming focused attention to academic work (overcoming diffused attention spans) CAN BE possible through parents’ involvement and appropriate intervention.

Provide Avenues for Effective Selection of Resources of Higher Education: Arrange one seminar in a year consistently, in March and one quiz in September, so par-ents and young students are provided information and options for colleges and universities in order that they make suitable and effective choices.

Reward Distinction:
Provide awards and scholarships every year for middle school as well as high school graduations through objective criteria and competitive process-es.

UPASNA’s Scholar Development Committee (USDC), consisting of distinguished educators and professionals, will plan and conduct activities related to the goals stated above. The committee is also exploring a funding resource for naming the scholar title to recognize outstanding scholars in our community. We will announce that in the near future once its sponsorship is finalized.


USDC: dfwusdc@upasna.org


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